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Stegosaurs - $15.00

Holds 8 pens, pencil, markers, glue sticks, as well as crayons. 11” long, 4-1/2” high and 3” wide. Made of pine, the holes are drilled in a fan design two for each to bump. Pegs are permanent and can hold an eraser.

Triceratops - $15.00

Teachers, Dinosaur Collectors our Triceratops has 1/2” holes for pens, pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, and pens. Pine holes are drilled straight down.
Pull Block-A-Saurus w/Square Wheels$22.95
The Block-a-saurus is a wonderful pull toy that makes a clackety clack sound on the floor. The head and wheels wobble from side to side and the googly eyes go round and round. The square wheels roll because they are offset by a 1/4 turn (which means there are eight points of contact for each axle). The pull string is 1 foot long, perfect for little children because they are so close to the floor. Our youngest customers are toddlers with a few weeks of walking experience. They go from 0 to 60 steps a minute pulling the funny toy. It is so cute to watch. They know it can make a lot of noise if they go fast enough. Giggling, laughing and running they do not want to stop. Many of our customers home school or have their children in Waldorf or Montessori schools. This to builds confidence in walking and running.
*We make our wooden toys with all new wood. All finishes are non-toxic. *For Age 1 and up. Handmade in the USA by S. Claus Toys - since 1981