We would like to be of service to a new clientele of those who have dedicated their valuable time to one of the least appreciated but most important occupations for now and the future. Child care.

Those who care for the youngest Americans actually have an influence on the future character of society. Important behaviors such as sharing, telling the truth, kindness, team building, taking turns, all need to be introduced and reinforced on a daily basis to become a part of a child’s cultural education.

When the preschool environment reflects the home set up with the all important kitchen children can transfer their learning from school to home. The kitchen is often the heart of the home and all children want to emulate their adult role models.

We offer a homey group of play stove, play refrigerator, and play sink/cupboard. S. Claus Toys has been making high quality wooden toys for many years and our new line of play kitchen appliances embodies the same values. We have two levels of products. One is for the everyday preschool and the other is museum quality replicas of 1920's kitchen appliances.

The museum quality stove and refrigerator are highly detailed and historically correct. They are designed by Glenn Clausson (a man obsessed with perfection and attention to detail who has the skills to produce it.)

Note: we will be adding pictures of these as they are produced.

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