The Solar Cooker Light only weighs 21 oz.. It disassembles down to a 15" x 15" x 1" size. It will fit in a suitcase, a cupboard, a car or a backpack.
Average temps: 250F (120C) to 350F (175C) It is made from 4 squares of reflective surface panels prepunched.

Because of its curved shape it is stable in wind gusts, the air flows around it.
Engineers call it "elegant".
It is shipped flat and comes with directions and everything you need to assemble it. It should take about 15 minutes to put it together.  
Great as an emergency cooker:  Flood,  Hurricane, Earthquake, Lost  Hiking or Skiing,  Power Outage, Fuel Loss. As soon as the sun is out you can cook dinner
If you get lost camping the reflective surface makes a great signal device for air rescue to see you.
Use at home or at the kids games, take it camping or just keep it in your car with your emergency preparedness kit.
It cleans easily and the 4 panels can be folded out flat and used as place mats for a clean eating surface.
The food cooks to a tender succulent flavor because it takes longer to cook with the sun and the temperature is lower.
Use a black pan w/glass cover (not included) in oven bag to reach temps of  300 F degrees to 375 F degrees. (Occasionally 400 F)
Most foods are cooked at or below 185 F degrees.
Cook chicken breasts  in 2 hours.
Cook rice in 2 1/2 hours
Bring water to 150 F degrees for 20 min to pasteurize.
Melt wax, Make Smores, Make Nachos
Plus a small instructions booklet.
Because it is light weight and folds flat you can take it camping, fishing, to the beach or just use it  at home.
You don't have to spend a lot of money or tote a heavy cooker around to enjoy solar cooked food.
Teachers take note this is a great tool to teach about heat radiation, conduction, and convection, plus solar energy.
Solar cooking with this cooker uses no fuel, it  is the green way to cook anywhere.
Made in the United States of America



Copenhagen Solar Cooker


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Copenhagen Solar Cooker