S. CLAUSson Toys has been providing quality Wood Toys since our founding in 1981. It is our mission to provide well made reasonably priced wood products with an emphasis on prompt delivery and good service. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to deliver great products and service to our customers. We also pay close attention to customer feedback. Our customers are the most important part of our business. A child's happy face when he gets one of our toys is the best reward

About Our Name (A FAIRY TALE)

In the "Old Country" the name Clausson means Son of Claus. Each Christmas the village toy-maker played Santa Claus for one special night. The village children called his sons 'Claus-son'. The toy-makers sons were proud of their father's fine work and took Clausson as their family surname. It is still a family tradition to make things for children of all ages.



(The name of our company S. CLAUSson Toys resulted from taking the first letter of Sharon's name and combining it with our last name Clausson ) Glenn and Sharon Clausson, two creative people who met in College when they shared an Art Class and a Crafts Class. They began offering their original toy designs in 1987 at the Harvest Festivals in California. At one point they were travelling 9000 miles each in a year to sell toys. Then they discovered eBay. Now they can stay home more and work on stock and new designs and Custom Woodworking.

Quality is not just a buzz word to them, it is their philosophy. They put all their effort into producing High Quality toys. What began as a Mom making wood toys for her kids became their lifes' work. Glenn has become the primary Toy Maker now. Sharon came up with a lot of great toy ideas and Glenn turned them into bestsellers.

To watch Glenn painting each and every Push Duck with three coats of paint on top of the basecoat, is to watch a man obsessed with perfection. He won't make it if he cannot get the finnish to look right. Then he moves on to hand-wrapping the fishing poles, every turn of the string around the pole is aligned with the previous one. Fisherman have complimented him on how professional they look for just a toy. With Glenn it is never "Just a toy", it is a work of art that must pass his high standards.

These toys are made to be played with and loved. Every year at the craft shows Customers say the Duck or Fishing pole became the childs favorite toy. One little boy had to sleep with his fishing pole!

They are very grateful to their customers for making their company so successful. It's a happy combination of their hard work and your good taste! They have always worked to offer a good product, with good customer service and scrupulously honest business practices over the years. If you ever have any questions or concerns , please don't hesitate to email them. They love to hear from you.

They both have many creative and artistic interests. Glenn is working on this web site, designing an amusement park, remodeling our home, building cabinets and displays for some friends, and designing some web sites for some of our business associates, oh yeah and making enough toys for the year in his spare time. When he gets the remodel of their house done he will start building his HO train set and use the over 25 hand built structures he has already made (his last train set was so realistic it could have been used for scenery in a movie!). Sharon started painting antique style signs, some very cute Gingerbread items, wood stepladders and chairs in Americana and shabby chic garden style, basically anything that doesn't move will be painted. They are working on getting some pictures of their other items on the website soon.